Thank you for visiting and contributing to our memories of Gary.

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From Gary's Friends At Jumptown in Orange, Massachusetts, USA

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this site and paying tribute to our friend Gary "Muppet" Harbird. Gary was more than just a skydiver and BASE jumper. He was our friend, our mentor, our brother and a son.

He was an accomplished skydiver with over 7000 jumps and a dedicated AFF instructor and Tandem master. Gary left a lasting impression on each and every person whose life he touched, whether taking them on their one and only skydive, or helping develop them into skydivers themselves. He changed people's lives and gave them memories that will last a lifetime.

In April of 2011, his family and many friends will travel from England to Jumptown in Orange Massachusetts to scatter his ashes in the sky. We recognize that times are difficult all around, but we would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in accomplishing this. We would like to raise the money to do this and ease the burden for his family. Any amount is greatly appreciated and we will keep you updated as to the progress. His Best Friend from childhood, Oliver, has provided a link to PayPal for your convenience.

Gary was always there for his friends. Let's be there for him.

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